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Welcome to the blog of Theresa McCuaig (née Murphy).

Theresa is a former vocational college teacher from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area in Canada. She also managed the ECG/Venipuncture Department at the University Health Network. For most of her classroom teaching career, Theresa specialized in laboratory medicine and related software training, serving mainly at-risk youth, laid-off workers seeking retraining, and foreign-trained medical personnel who were newcomers to Canada. Theresa volunteered for nine years as a First Aid and CPR instructor with the Canadian Red Cross Society. She is a certified Adult Educator, Curriculum Developer, Instructional Designer, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages, and Virtual Teacher.

The purpose of this blog is three-fold:

  1. As a general rule, most English as a Second Language courses do not provide Medical Terminology in the curriculum. This site was primarily created to assist foreign-trained medical personnel who speak English as their second language. Users of this site have probably already performed the procedures shown in their countries of origin, using their native languages. The job aids featured on the Home page here are designed to help speakers of other languages function in English in Canadian hospitals. The main aim of this site is to bridge the gap from tourist English to medical workplace English.
  2. Secondarily, hospital preceptors and Subject Matter Experts who have been ordered to create instruction unassisted and without a budget may find the teaching hints in the right navigation bar reduces their development time considerably. If asked to provide evidence to support your teaching methods, you may want to refer the enquirer to the Learning Theories, Authentic Assessment, and Cognitive Load links. Please adapt the free Open Educational Resources (OER) on the Home page to make your lessons conform to legislation for students with disabilities and English as a Second Language (ESL) students. The Reusable Learning Objects are for you.
  3. Finally, this site is Theresa's Instructional Design portfolio to demonstrate continuous professional development.

Enjoy the free resources provided here. If you adapt them for your own use, then attribute the authors under the Creative Commons license shown in the Credits. Please e-mail Theresa McCuaig at with a link to your adaptation. Thanks for visiting.