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Friday, 9 October 2020

Video 1 of 5 teaches ESL hospital trainers (preceptors) how to design courses using ADDIE, the same effective method used by the U.S. military since 1975. This first video covers Stage 1, the Analysis, in five minutes.

Discussion Questions: ◦ How much does this problem cost us? ◦ Is it worth creating training to fix it?

Generally, one hour of in-person training will cost about $700 to design, whereas one hour of computer-based training will cost about $100 to design. Aim to get at least a 3:1 return on your investment. If the problem costs less than three times the designer’s costs, then it might not be worth creating the training. Exceptions are training that must be done to:

◦ help pass hospital accreditation, or ◦ comply with new laws, or ◦ comply with a court order, or ◦ improve public relations

Hospitals are under stress because of the pandemic, so the time for training is very limited now. Ask stakeholders if an alternative to face-to-face training might be sufficient, such as a job aid poster, or a 10-minute demonstration by an expert online. Would a 30-minute computer-based refresher course, followed by a quiz, be good enough under the circumstances?