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Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Free Course Template: UX for Web Design

Do you need to create a User Experience Design course fast? If so, you're welcome to use my template. Go to Type in the course code VNGMHX. Log in or create a new user account. Please comment on Eduflow if you liked it or found it useful.

Thursday, 20 October 2022

Prezi for Teaching Glucometer

Hospital preceptors can adapt my free Prezi template to teach students step-by-step how to use a blood glucose monitor. Suitable sequencing to accompany a lecture and demo for newly diagnosed diabetic patients, their caregivers, or staff. Includes the normal, high, and low values for blood sugar in mmol/L and mg/dL:
Diagnostic criteria are based on World Health Organization (WHO) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) standards. If desired, substitute pictures of your own monitor and any exclusive policies your institution may have for obtaining blood by fingerprick. For the Assessment, the preceptor should watch the student perform two fingerpricks with zero errors, and have the student correctly interpret if the reading is low, normal, or high.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

View a Quick-Learn interactive Training & Development course for entry-level Sales associates at Students practice writing an introductory e-mail to prospective clients, and record a video presentation for a sales meeting. Students are able to edit their work, incorporating feedback from their instructor and classmates. This Quick-Learn course was made by me in the Eduflow Learning Management System.
Alternatively, go to Enter the course code JJZ8VH in the Write your code box and click the blue Join button. Log in to your existing Eduflow account or create a new user account to try the short course. Enjoy!

Saturday, 12 February 2022

Two personas for an Art History app at an art gallery

Eleanor's Problem Statement: Eleanor is an elder with mobility and hearing issues, who needs the Art History application to guide her through the Van Gogh exhibit at the art gallery, because she cannot keep pace with a tour group, nor hear a tour guide clearly.
Eleanor's Hypothesis Statement: If Eleanor borrows a tablet from the art gallery with the app already loaded, then she will be able to conduct her own tour independently and at her own pace, despite disabilities.
Eleanor's User Story: As an old age pensioner with arthritis and hearing loss, I want to borrow a tablet with the Art History app preloaded, so that I can tour the art gallery in my own time, without a tour group.
Eleanor's Journey Map:

Ivan's Problem Statement: Ivan is an art student and part-time worker with very limited time, who needs the Art History application to guide him through the Van Gogh exhibit at the art gallery independently, because it is the quickest way to research and complete his school project.
Ivan's Hypothesis Statement: If Ivan downloads the Art History app to his own mobile phone, then he will be able to conduct his own research independently, without delays waiting for a tour group who are not as knowledgeable about Van Gogh as he is.
Ivan's User Story: As a busy art student who already knows a lot about Van Gogh, I want to download the Art History app to my own phone, so that I can tour the art gallery in my own time, bypassing tour groups of noobs, and save my research.
Ivan's Journey Map: